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Startup Stories

Founder:  Mitesh Shethwala 
Website name: is an Exclusive Marketplace for SME Brands / Fashion Designers to sell their products across INDIA. This platforms not only aims at increasing sales revenue but also in providing support to all the talented designers to help them reach and explore their target market digitally since the customer’s buying behavior has drastically shifted over a period of time.

Today, when most of us prefer to be at homes and buy online as helps in finding the product of our choice amidst varied range of clothes, accessories, personal goods, etc.. the budding e-commerce portal know whom to tap and make the right product available according to the customer’s preferences. till now has 1000+ Registered Sellers, 40,000+ Live Products, 6 Delivery Partners with reach of 15000+ Pin codes, 10 Employees and 25+ Intern trained.

Founder: Yash Bhatt & Arjun Thakkar  
Website name: 

Yash Bhatt and Arjun Thakkar were inclined towards social causes like’ Clean India Mission’ and’ Save River’. That is how they initiated their start-up Brook and Blooms. 

While reading an article on harm to aquatic species due to religious waste disposed of in Sabarmati River an urge to bring a solution to this problem ignited their minds. After thorough research work, they came up with a solution to convert such floral waste into organic fertilizers and incense sticks. Thereby preserving both the environment and religious sentiments of devotees. They kick-started the work by collaborating with five temples and helped them convert about 150kg of floral waste into 20 kg of organic manure. Currently, they are processing 1500 kg’s of floral waste from 100 religious places across Ahmadabad and also they are doing R& D on rose water and holy colors. They have joined hands with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for logistics and riverside flower processing and is also getting financial support from them.

They are working on replicating their model into multiple cities to resolve issues of river pollution from the worshipped flower by collaborating with the local municipal corporations.

Founder:  Bhavesh Dave  
Website name:  

Inspired by the difficulty faced by the youngsters in seeking employment and getting shortlisted for their dream jobs, the idea of video resume stuck the mind of its innovator Bhavesh Dave. 

He created a platform where job seekers can express and convey their potential and other information through a video. This platform allows candidate to make a personal video profile (Visume) to seek employment and bridge the communication gap. At the same time, it is making a recruiters job more efficient by saving a lot of time spent in reading and assessing the resume. 

This platform is designed to create a win – win for both the job seekers and the recruiters and it is widely being used by more than 1500 corporates and has a user base of more than 6000 people.

Founder:   Hiren Sheth 
Website name:

Carenpair is an Ahmedabad based service venture and was created with an idea and objective to create online solution to fast, affordable and quality mobile repair. 

Getting a phone serviced is no less than a challenge when most of our daily tasks and activities are dependent on it. To cater to this issue, Hiren Sheth came up with the idea of venturing in a solution that  provides end to end solution to the customer while aiming to reduce and resolve complaints and working on the Price, Delivery and quality, making it quick and affordable. 

We said delivery. Yes, you are not mistaken. We empathize with the customer’s inconvenience and created this service that enables customer convenience by providing them doorstep pickup & drop of their smartphones. 

Our goal is to serve the consumers in such a way that they can get rid of poor after sales service from the various Smartphone brands. We as a brand own values related to customer centricity, so we always focus on our customer problems & try to resolve/minimize the same by our operational excellence.

Startup: CPM
Founder: Anand Mundhava  
Website name:

CPM Industries Multipurpose Tool ” CRAB” provides a spanner for automatic adjusting the fine dimension, which may easily be applied to several sized bolts or nuts with hexagonal heads having fine and adjoining dimensions using one spanner by resolving overall defects and demerits of above common spanners and ratchet spanner.

 After overcoming 300 failed attempts, the team eventually achieved the rare distinction of being the first manufacturer in the world to develop a 55-in-1, self-adjustable tool, termed as the CRAB. 

Mr. Mundhava was the Indian representative at the Global Innovation Festa in South Korea. He signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of South Korea regarding an Idea Exchange program between India and South Korea.

Startup:  DRONE LABS
Founder:   Nikhil Methiya 
Website name: 

Aiming to beat the world class competition, Drone Labs is a leader in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and expert in long range aerial mapping and data processing with the help of their advanced combat.

 Drone Labs focuses on land surveying and monitoring and its analysis which could be of a benefit and a great cause to our country and it will directly support in making enormous plans in an efficient manner and less time. It is making the manual job easy for everyone who is involved in such jobs. It is an aerial intelligence in motion giving support to Infrastructure, Mining and Agriculture in identifying land issues and other information. 

Drone labs values the scientific method and engineering design process above everything. It guides them through the process of building and deploying solutions keeping in mind that, what they build today can be improved upon provided we find answers today and this urge drove them in making a technology of tomorrow and make a space in this competitive world class market.

Startup:  EASYPUJA
Founder:   Riya Shah 
Website name: 

Easypuja, Keeping Traditions Alive! 

It is a one stop solution for any kind of religious activities or rituals. We provide certified priests keeping in mind the diversity of our country. This platform helps you find priests of your community who are versed with your culture and tradition i.e. Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, etc. Not just this, we bring along all the quality puja essentials to ensure smooth prayer rituals. It doesn’t end here, since our focus is to keep our traditions alive, we have also introduced live puja services to cater to the NRIs across the globe and help them have a feel of their country even at thousand miles away. 

This was not easy for Riya Shah to enable and convince people to adapt to this new intervention in place of their conventional systems and beliefs. Making people aware and accept this concept was one of her biggest challenges in her journey of entrepreneurship.

Founder:  Punit Darji and Tarang Dodia  
Website name: 

In the modern age, everything is connected to internet and everything seems to be the part of a network. Thus, the industrial automation must be flexible, open and well networked. And hence there is a need to bring a change in automation domain which provides completely new levels of freedom for automation. And to achieve this objective, Enerzon Automation has ventured into providing an advance way of automation. Enerzon PLC has “One machine solution” that contains integrated On board HMI and PLC as well as that supports higher lavel programming language and Standard PLC programming language. 

Enerzon has following salient features: 

1. Their PLC, instead of any particular language, supports multiple programming languages. It also helps cut time and hence cost.

2. Advanced networking through direct cloud connection combined with integration of current and future communication standards.

3. Software platform gives such a flexibility that an engineer can develop individual solution comfortably in familiar development environment.

4. Data logs from temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, and other sensors are useful for safety and compliance inspections and for learning how to operate more efficiently.

5. Combines new data with existing knowledge and records to generate powerful new insights. 

6. It is protected from cyber attacks

7. PLC controller also has Wifi and Bluetooth communication protocol therefore client can communicate remotely. 

It is the best representation of Industrial Internet of things 4.0.

Founder:  Yash Shah 
Website name: 

As a unique healthcare online platform, eSwasthya as a one-stop healthcare destination is making efforts to reinvent technology for making the process accessible & reliable. The company’s vision is to play a vital role in making every person’s medical needs affordable – from complete body check-up to surgeries. This multi-feature based service makes it stand out of the crowd. Mr. Yash Shah, Founder and Chairman of eSwasthya, blended his focus and energy to introduce innovative products in the market and he took a revolutionary leap by going out of the ordinary, where no one has gone before. 

The uniqueness of eSwasthya is fuelled by certain factors such as : 

1. It provides medical services 24×7.

2. Medical services are provided at their door steps.

3. Medical services are offered at discounted price. 

4. They also offer facilities which include repeat medicine facility, free home delivery and anywhere-any service

Startup: EXPOSIT
Founder:  Roshan Rawal & Rushi Shah 
Website name: 

Exposit is an AR VR based startup structured and implemented by Roshan Rawal and Rushi Shah. With the view to make this technology as the way to step into the world of ‘Experiencing Things’, Exposit addresses one of the major issues faced by students when they step out of their formal acadmeics training to the real world, Exposit is a solution to bridge the gap between these two by providing virtual industrial exposure through AR VR technology. Student can visit any industry and have a feel and understanding of the work system and culture sitting anywhere. 

This technology will add to their skills and will help them enhance their personality according to the desired expectations of the corporates and make them stand out in the competition. It will also help them save time and money and enable them to learn multitasking.

 This technology is creating a huge impact on the education sector. It is making education more immersive and interesting. Students are able to interact with high-class machinery and get industrial exposure.

Founder:  Mr. Vipan Patel & Arvind Patel  
Website name: 

Flowtech Machine is working towards development of Innovative woven fabric and paper roll to roll flexo printing machine without changing block roller for all size. Most of the Regular Printing machines are working on periphery size. i.e. If printing area is 500mm, it needs 500mm periphery roll and if the printing area is 800mm, need 800mm periphery roll. We have designed single size periphery block roller (flexo stitch roll) which is suitable for all size of Printing.

 We are developing Roll to Roll Printing Machine without change Block roller which overcome the constraint stated above of Woven bag cutting stitching machine which one presently manufacture now. In India; there is no machinery having said technical parameter like our proposed product. 

This proposed new machine will use in Printed PP/ HDPE woven fabric bag manufacturing and Paper printing to use in manufacture of corrugated box.

Startup:  FRIESSAC
Founder:  Pankaj  Rao  &  Aishwarya  Umrania 
Website name: 

In 2014, one of the co-founders Aishwarya Umrania went to Europe for a study programme, and mentioned to her entrepreneur friend, Pankaj Rao how she had tasted Belgian fries and loved the unique concept. The freshly cut fries, served hot with a variety of sauces and toppings were absolutely mouth-watering. And guess what? She could customize her fries the way she wanted! They both discussed how there wasn’t anything like Belgian fries or Canadian Loaded fries available back then in India. All that one could get were traditionally served salted/masala/cheese fries.

Both Aishwarya and Pankaj knew they had an exceptional idea, and realized they had to establish a brand that would create a buzz among consumers. And thus, Friessac was launched, with one-of-its-kind Belgian and Canadian variety of gourmet fries. The menu includes the innovative concept of different shapes of fries like Golden Straight, Crispy Curly, Ribbon Chip, Potato Wedges, Pom Pom Nuggets, Waffe Cut fries, Tornado stick with different choice of sauces with fresh vegetable toppings.  And would you believe it, these shapes are being launched for the 1st time in India!

Startup:  FRIPPO
Founder:  Shrenik  Shah  
Website name:  http://

Project came about in existence while doing a trial for my own business. Instead of keeping a full time tele-calling resource for outbound sales of telecom solutions, I recruited a freelancing housewife. 

Outbound calls for sales, service & collections were allocated to her on a mobile CRM application which made the entire process of monitoring, feedback, training & follow-ups easy and cost effective. Approximately 350000 call center works as on 2015. Women in call center work are more likely to consider their jobs as permanent. 

This idea will enable women and freelancers to earn from home with 2 to 3 working hours a day. Huge pool of manpower available to work as call center executives from home. CRM based tele-calling mobile application through which freelancers will run calling campaigns of sales, service, collections or marketing from home and will earn per transaction. Model and idea can be applied across all industries, geographies and markets. Telecallers irrespective of location, age, skill-set can be trained and employed. CRM based application through which separate campaigns can be managed Having all features like number secutiry, Call recording, Email templates, follow-up reminders, etc

Startup: GENETE
Founder:  Saudamini  Singh 
Website name:

Inspired by the ‘Greek’ term the founder of the company believes in the concept of ‘Engage Enhance Excel’ as the name itself says ‘becoming’ or ‘it is possible. Having worked with top corporates for over 8 years, the founder identified several gaps in trainings as the impact was short-term, this influenced her to mentor and deliver quality sessions for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs ensuring effectiveness. Her idea of training is result driven. The founder doesn’t believes in pre-designed formats rather curates industry-oriented sessions to ensure results followed by consulting and prepost sessions. The Ginete has already conducted trainings for prestigious organizations and educational institutions on various domains like High Impact Presentations & Interviews, Employability Skills, Women Empowerment, Crime Against Women, Voter Awareness Programs, Leadership & Motivation, Employee Engagement, Change Management, etc. to name a few. The Ginete is into complete enhancement programs with various packages on Training and Consulting as well as awareness seminars and workshops. 

Not only this, The founder herself is an author of a book ‘Untwined’ and the company is also into Content and Script writing for websites, success stories, video scripts, etc.

 The Ginete is a complete solution to enhancement.

Founder:  Jiya  Rajvanshi  and  Chinmay  Rajvanshi  
Website name:

Genie Food Group is a processed food production company based out of Ahmedabad, India. As the saying goes, “Better food, better mood“. However preparing delicious meals comes with a mixture of all the right ingredients, overwhelming your precious time. This venture helps you avail all such privileges. Their goal is committed to providing the best quality flavoured variety of processed food. Genie Food Group aims at providing a variety of different intermediary food products such as fresh fried onions, garlic powder, dehydrated onions and pastes used to prepare the delicious mouthwatering food cuisines making your day worthwhile. 

The products are processed in a way to increase longevity and to keep the same aroma and taste. You just need to add it as an ingredient to your meal preparation. These potencies enable them to serve their clients the most elevated standard of value without settling on worth. 

To accomplish this, Genie Food Group has integrated using of finest quality hardware machine lines to operate with maximum effectiveness with the latest cutting edge technology that can produce variety of processed food. Their processing plants are affirmed by respectable offices and in-house quality control and expository labs where the quality of product is maintained.

Startup:  GO AAHAR
Founder:  Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya
Website name: 

Prime agricultural land can be scarce and expensive. With worldwide population explosion, the demand for both more food and more land to grow food is ever increasing. Green feeds are staple feed for dairy animals. Dairy animals producing up to 5-7 liters milk per day can be maintained exclusively by feeding green fodders. Inclusion of green fodders in ration of dairy animals decreases amount of concentrate feeding and thus increases profit. Therefore, for economical and sustainable dairy farming, fodder production round the year is highly essential. 75% Indian population are directly or indirectly associated to agriculture. Due to the continuous shrinkage of agriculture land it an alarming situation to fulfil the present food demand both for humans and animals. The excess use of fertilizers and pesticides deteriorates the environment and human health. To address this challenge there is need of sustainable Organic farming with efficient production capacity. Our solution involves growing crops in controlled indoor environments, with precise light, nutrients, and temperatures in addition with vertical farming. With our system we can grow fodder right from seeds stage to a height of 1ft  height fodder just with in 7 days without any fertilizer ,without any chemicals and without any nutrition.

Founder:  Sarthak Bakshi
Website name:

When everyone else talked about the rising pollution, Sarthak Bakshi worked upon it.   This innovation is a thought provoking idea of curbing the rising pollution due to Petrol and Diesel run vehicle and its harsh effects which is now prominent and getting deadlier in a developing country like India which is the world’s second largest population.

 Seeing the adverse effects of population in Delhi NCR, the innovators felt an immediate need of designing a product which is cost effective, people friendly and environmental friendly and had a deep thought in understanding the buying patterns of the individuals in different demographics. With this the innovators have developed a personal electric mobility vehicle.

 It is India’s first electric motorcycle that comes with Permanent magnet motor and its controller. The first model of this vehicle named ‘Mantis’ comes at a cost which is just one third of any petrol run scooter or motorcycle available in the market and is meeting the requirements of the people too. Most of the parts of this product is developed, designed and made in India. Thus, adding its bit to the nation’s economy. It is approved by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). 


Founder:  Keyur Punjani & Ishan Padaliya 
Website name: 

The venture under the brand name ‘Stardust 3D’ started with a vision to create most reliable, assessable and user friendly 3D printing device which can also be used by teenagers and kids to print their extraordinary and vivid imaginations. Driven by the curiosity on technical advancements, team of Stardust brainstormed to find a solution and invented a 3D printing solution.

 This device converts simple digital designs into 3D objects and images and is highly useful for professionals like Architects, Medical, Arts, Fashion, Entertainment, Engineers, Product Designers, Consultants and Students to name a few.

 This idea is a revolution which we would see in printing technology in the coming times. The innovators ensure that the device is easy to use and can be operated by both techie and non-techie individuals. This technology enables individuals to explore their thoughts and bring it on paper. 

This technology is in use by major corporates and students and is benefitting them in understanding various aspects of manufacturing, making of a prototype and giving a final shape.

Founder:  Adwait  Raval 
Website name: 

KYS ScientiSfic Pvt Ltd is a startup initiated after intensive research in the field of science and technology.KYS Manufacture scientific toys and products that are pocket friendly and useful for students.the specialization of this startup is in assembling of various kinds of telescopes and exceptionally designed planetarium that can be utilized in star gazing. 

The principle idea was to design a light weight telescope which can be carried anywhere.Hence they created an altazimuth mount which offers high level accuracy to point and focus celestial bodies. They have invented their own version of parabolic reflector mirrors with varying sizes to deliver high-precision results. One of the important aspects of this telescope is that no special or huge framework required to grind and polish the mirror used in it. Their first telescope is a reflector telescope – KYS 3.0 dedicated to amateur space experts.

Founder:  Praveen  Chandra  
Website name: 

Having passed out from prestigious IIT Kanpur and worked with esteemed corporates, what always triggered Praveen was the gap in communication. There are people and corporates who excel at their work and have a strong presence yet are not able to communicate people about their work. The reasons can be many. 

Understanfing the fact that people like to see and consume information in a flick. People don’t have time to read lengthy literatures and absorb the information given. This is what motivated Praveen to start LetsArc Media where the company enables corporates to communicate about their product, work and other information through videos. They excel at making high quality Explainer Videos, Product Videos, Corporate Videos, Social Media Videos, to name a few. LetsArc has a number of successful videos in its bucket list. Surat Municipal Corporation, Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Ernst & Young, AGL Tiles, Dr, Reddy’s, ITC, Uttrakhand Cyber Crime and many more. So, break the Communication Barrier with LetsArc Media!

Founder:  Farhan Vhora & Pala Varu 
Website name:   

Creating, transporting and delivering will require one significant human- The future of MakeMyTrans. This belief is the driving factor of Farhan Vhora- the founder and CEO of MakeMyTrans. 

MakeMyTrans’s vision is to become the integrator of logistics facilities and simplifying customer’s supply chain. MakeMyTrans is an online multimodal logistics platform for companies to get affordable transportation service and manage their end to end logistics operation. MakeMyTrans is trying to create a smooth movement of goods. 

MakeMyTrans is a place for organized logistics facilities for manufacturing procurement units. In general, this industry requires digital continuity at an enterprise level across the carrier’s network and operation techniques to deliver best in class logistics performance.

 The company source transportation facilities from transporters/agents/contractors, supporting our service providers’ communities and creates a network with those around them. They are helping trucking companies to utilize their resources by continuously matching their assets with market demands. We are also working on improving their efficiency by decreasing vehicle idling, increasing vehicle utilization, and more stable credit terms with customers. They exist to create experiences where people and technology come together. They are closely working with PSUs like Gujarat Maritime Board, ONGC, BHEL to name a few and looking forward to many such collaborations.

Founder:  Gagan Preet Singh, Ewa Johar, Rahul Gupta and Rahul Johar 
Website name: 

What would happen if your car breaks down unexpectedly, somehwere ? Not everybody is local or lucky to have a local driver to be able to know where to get repair/servicing done. This is the problem which Mechaneed is exactly addressing.

 Mechaneed offers an end to end solution for the automotive service industry. On one front, it helps garages become digital using its own interactive SaaS based CRM platform. This platform helps garages manage orders, invoices, inventory and workforce and eliminate any paper and pen usage, thus making their processes completely digital. It’s a plug and play solution for all garages, big or small.

 On the other front, it helps vehicle owners find the best garages around their area based on reviews, ratings, service cost estimates and other parameters. They can request quotes based on their vehicle service needs and make informed decisions based on cost estimates and garage profiles where they want to send / take their vehicle to. 

Mechaneed also offers breakdown assistance support, which customers can use for on-spot repairs and/or towing of vehicles if they are stranded somewhere. 

Customers also have the option of getting their vehicles a spa – a complete wash, inside out, or opt for a more environment friendly, green concept based “dry wash” both at our garages, or at their doorsteps

Startup: MELZO
Founder:  Hardik Desai 
Website name: 

Extending our Realities with VR, AR & MR is the next leap forward and Hardik Desai at Melzo believes in empowering everyone to not just experience but also build their Extended Realities (XR). The Internet has been a 2D medium for long, Melzo wants to help it evolve to 3D. It is a web-based platform where users can create, discover and share VR content. It is designed to be compatible and accessible for everyone. 

The platform advances as XR progresses as a medium, doing all of the heavy liftings in the background, while users like students, teachers, doctors, business executives, and developers can simply upload, drag, drop and share with ease.

 As the platform substantially reduces man-hours needed to make custom VR experiences, Melzo can operate at a lot more scalable extent with significant margins.

 Melzo recently received about 2 million views on across 3000+ user-generated casual VR content. This was achieved in less than 7 months with just over 850k+ viewers. The mission of Melzo is to facilitate the evolution of the Internet from the 2D form factor to an immersive medium by democratizing content creation capabilities.

Founder:  Kaustubh Mod 
Website name:

The inception of this innovation came from the fact that construction and infrastructure holds 12 % of our GDP and our existing civil processes are time consuming, tedious, messy and unhealthy for the people working in it. Looking at this problem, our idea is providing a solution for the same through our innovative machine. MOD innovation has developed an Electro-Mechanical machine which can do all major operations of construction with automation and in turn gives 10 times higher output than existing manual method. 

This Machine has been designed to do all major construction operations like Plastering, Waterproofing, Wall putty, Epoxy flooring, Guniting, Grouting, Fire proofing, etc. It is highly productivity than existing manual process. The advanced automation technology can be brought in use by both contractors and laborers to bring in more efficiency and productivity in lesser time. This machine is extremely helpful in big size infrastructure and construction projects which often gets delayed due to shortage of labor, with this innovative machine the time, effort, labor and cost can be reduced effectively. This machine runs on electricity and does not add any pollution to the environment.

Founder:  K Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora and Raj Kothari 
Website name:

While visiting schools and colleges, co-founders of My Class Campus realised that almost every student in college had a smartphone and most of the parents of school going kids were also having smartphones with internet connectivity. Even then they would have to remain dependent on notice board/classroom instructions or parents meeting to receive important information. Many schools were using SMS service to inform parents but it was limited to important notices only. 

That’s when they decided to build MyClassCampus- an All in One ERP with Mobile App for educational organizations. MyClassCampus covers starting from online admission process to inquiry management to exit procedure of a student. So ideally it covers entire life cycle of student management. It is divided in three parts- communication management, academics management and operations management

. Some very unique features include, multi-branch management with single account, multi-parents access for a child, advance finance management with multiple trusts or institute accounts management, tally integration, dynamic result card generator-which can support almost all boards formats available in India. Lakhs of students and parents are receiving daily updates through this App and thousands of educational organisations are getting digital with paperless model.

Founder:  Pragnesh Nimje & Rajat Sisodiya 
Website name:  www.

Seeing the rise in number of burglary cases across the world, Pragnesh and Rajat chose to design something that would help common people deal with this challenge and derived that this shortcomings can surely be overcome with a digital technology and this is how they came up with the concept of 

Dure Safe. Traditional heavy safe occupies a lot of space and is difficult to relocate. Dura safe is hassle free, movable and secure for anyone to install. Dure Safe has a unique combination of mechanical and electronic features that surpass its competitors by huge margins. Dure Safe is an all in one digital safe keeping you alert about any adversity that may lead to burglary. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional old safe with a unique combination of digital feature which keeps it guarded.

Founder:  Devasish Saikia and Jaiprakash Prasad 
Website name:

BIIO is the flagship innovation of Orglife Industries Pvt. Ltd. and has been designed as an effective and sustainable solution to the problems of solid waste management in the society. It is a compact, portable and composite machine which treats organic and plastic waste simultaneously at the source. With the help of BIIO, organic waste from domestic, commercial and industrial areas can be recycled and converted to organic fertilizer/ manure and at the same time plastic waste can be effectively reduced to considerably smaller sizes for easier and faster transportation to recycling units/ plants. 

The benefits of this innovation are manifold. The customers directly contribute towards treating their waste at the source thus saving huge amounts of effort, time and money for the society and the Government. Moreover, soil conservation is achieved in an unprecedented manner, organic fertilizers/ manure becomes an abundant resource for agriculture and the overall sanitation and health standards increase among the people. Likewise, reduction of plastic waste at the source paves the way for easier inventory management, faster and cost-effective logistics and quicker recycling processes.

Founder:  Mayank Panchal 
Website name:  .

Pigso is developing the complete platform for the exam aspirants, learners and students. Currently, Pigso has developed Gujarat based government competitive exam preparation courses with video lectures, notes and online test. They also provide daily current affairs, job’s information and discussion forum for doubt solving.

 They are also developing pen drive based offline video lectures courses Currently, they  have 10,500 + registered user on our platform. We should be working on 360 degree on Indian education system. They have 150 plus paid customers. They have served through quality based education, developing better quality content and increasing the  number of student enrolment

Founder:  ww KeyulBhalavat, Ravi Patel & Hiren Kanani   
Website name: 

In the quest is to create solutions which would help enterprises achieve better productivity, cost optimization & customer satisfaction. Plutomen is a recognized start-up founded in Nov 2016 by DIPP in the field of Emerging Technology. To meet the set standards, Plutomen introduced: Plutomen ARMS – AR Based Remote Assistance is a B2B SaaS based Platform, which helps in peer-to-peer collaboration between two industrial entities and also within the enterprise. 

PlutomenVnotes – AR & Location Based Virtual Sticky Notes is an Augmented Reality & Location based Multi User SaaS platform that can augment the notes, images and video onto any environment virtually. PlutomenMachineARie – AR Based application that enhances trainings to bridge skill gaps between expert and incoming workforce.

 They have more than 5 years of experience in the field of Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality (Now collectively known as eXtended Reality – XR) and have a huge list of notable clients they have serviced across Industrial sectors. Honeywell, Adani, Arvind, Bajaj Allianz, Milacron, L&T, PwC, Transformers & Rectifiers, Thermotech, IC Icemake, etc are to name a few. With ‘New Never Ends’ laid as its founding principle, the team Plutomen consistently thrives for bringing innovation and growth-driven strategies on the table.

Founder: Akash Shah 
Website name: 

Education is the backbone of a society and best education is what everyone deserves. But many a times, students are not able to find good coachings/institutes suitable for them. QTO, precisely solves this problem. QTO education is helping students by associating with the best institute in their area,  and they also give free handholding support. QTO education is an online Coaching Institute curating platform for students.

 Every time students or parents search for the best tuition classes, they find more than 10 institutes at different aggregator platforms in the ranking of most to the minimum amount paid by the institute to aggregator platform. But QTO conduct surveys of more than 100 students in every area an on the basis of that and with another 10 plus criteria QTO selects best two institutes in every location which helps students to choose the best institute. 

QTO education is also providing on-demand qualifying tutor with QTO handholding. 3 years back QTO was started with the name of Vcare then changed to SETU and finally change maker QTO education. And today after three years of dynamic journey QTO is generating good revenue and want to expand in other cities as well.

Startup: SAN BURN
Founder: Archan Mehta & Daxesh Mehta
Website name: 

To address an immediate issue of cleanliness and menstrual hygiene, Archan Mehta introduced San Burn, which is a Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin Burner machine with Power saver technology to save water, health & environment. San Burn has been developed to destroy used napkins in scientific manner. Every menstruating women uses sanitary napkins in one or other way but we do not have any scientist methods to destroy it safely. With the traditional practices of discarding used napkins in open, throwing in plastic bags and flushing it in toilets, gallons of water get wasted, creating an epidemic environment and increase in plastic waste. 

San Burn is a Small machine and can be fitted on the wall inside the toilet. San Burn burns used napkin and converts it into sterile ash. San Burn is a machine where user can set the machine start count to save electricity, user can also set the temperature. Hence, same machine can be used to destroy other waste at increased or decreased temperature. An inbuilt smoke filter is also installed in the machine to reduce air pollution and an audio message of “Swachh Bharat – Swacth Bharat” at every use of the machine to spread awareness.

Founder:  Premendra  Singh 
Website name:  

This startup is into developing innovative heat and fire protective material, established in Dec 2016.  This material can withstand up to 500°c temp for more than 1 Hrs time as tested in IIT BHU under the supervision of Dean R&D Dr. Rajeev Prakash at IITBhu  (while others can’t sustain up to this temperature and time or can sustain only upto 10 seconds only and create itching to human skin while in touch with it).  At the same time this material doesn’t transfer heat from one end to other and does not catch flame as well.  This material will be used into making fire suits, blanket, fire doors and lots of other products wherever heat and fire protection will be required. In our next level we will try to develop materials which can sustain up to 1000°c. 

Its a DIPP certified startup having its technical mentor team from IIT Kanpur. Its patent papers are already published in around 150 countries through PCT and published in India as well.

Founder: Sanket Panchal 
Website name: 

Understanding the existing problems that one faces in their day to day lives and more importantly providing a solution for the same is what a USP of an entrepreneur is. Driven with this zeal, Sanket Panchal designed and manufactured Backpack Dispensers to serve both hot and cold beverages. It is believed that every solution comes with an observation and what influenced the founder and director of Sequors Equipment LLP, Sanket, was seeing the difficulty faced by the tea vendors in serving hot tea and coffee at stations, trains, public places, tourist destinations, corporate offices, etc. 

It is nothing less than a challenge serving hot beverages to multiple customers at the same time, meeting their demands and collecting money while carrying the tea urns in their hands. It is difficult, messy and uncomfortable. To address this common yet significant issue faced by the most, he came up with a thought of redesigning the concept of tea urns and kettles by designing and manufacturing insulated bags to carry such beverages. This bag come with additional pockets for carrying cups and other addons. The product is completely safe to use and carry. Not just this, Sanket has also created around 100 jobs in just a year.

Founder:Jitendrakumar Gautam and Kandarp Suthar 
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In most of the households, LPG is the only fuel use for cooking purpose. It is being used for many years. But LPG gas stove has a problem, they are less efficient.

 These low-efficiency gas stoves consumes high no. of LPG cylinders. Number of the consumers using of LPG gas is increasing as new customers are being added under Pradhan Mantri Ujjavala yojana. Simultaneously, consumption of  LPG gas cylinder and price of the cylinder also increasing. Hence Shayonam smart appliances are developing energy efficient LPG gas stove. These gas stoves are 30% more efficient compared to the conventional gas stove.

 It reduces the gas consumption and saves  upto 30% of gas. Shayonam is also developing retrofitting gas burner for existing LPG gas stove user which can save gas up to 20%. This innovative product was also showcased in vibrant Gujarat startup summit.

Founder:  Jitendrakumar Gautam and Kandarp Suthar 
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In most of the households, LPG is the only fuel use for cooking purpose. It is being used for many years. But LPG gas stove has a problem, they are less efficient.

 These low-efficiency gas stoves consumes high no. of LPG cylinders. Number of the consumers using of LPG gas is increasing as new customers are being added under Pradhan Mantri Ujjavala yojana. Simultaneously, consumption of  LPG gas cylinder and price of the cylinder also increasing. Hence Shayonam smart appliances are developing energy efficient LPG gas stove. These gas stoves are 30% more efficient compared to the conventional gas stove.

 It reduces the gas consumption and saves  upto 30% of gas. Shayonam is also developing retrofitting gas burner for existing LPG gas stove user which can save gas up to 20%. This innovative product was also showcased in vibrant Gujarat startup summit.

Startup: SQUIBOO
Founder:  Pratik  Parekh  &  Digant 
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OOH Advertising Industry in India is more than Rs 30 Billion Industry. OOH Industry is the largest offline Advertising Medium but is highly Unorganized and Not Transparent. No use of Technology makes this industry highly lucrative for fraud, leaving clients and vendors unsatisfied. There is no tool for measuring ROI or tracking it.

Squiboo is an Online aggregator of OOH sites which helps Clients directly connect to vendors. Squiboo is developing proprietary technology to track the Impressions of the campaign done by client. Squiboo will help to Plan the Media Campaign to its clients seating in their offices with just help of a click. All the data would be available on the website along with other required details. As per our survey more than 40% of inventory of the vendors remain unsold round the year, we would help them sell this inventory and in return we would take commission from them.

Startup:  STYLDOD
Founder:  Akhilesh majumdar, Rahul Agrawal, Partho Sarkar & Shital Gohil  
Website name:

Styldod is the product of Eazyhomez Designs and Decors Pvt. Ltd. Styldod is  the world’s first automated interior design platform. This DIY product takes the floorplan of your house as input and in about 10 minutes gives 1000s designs for that home in 3D. A user has an option to fill up the various options such as big/small family, colour preferences, type of seating required, budget range to the designs which are relevant for the client. All the designs conform to the international standards of design and also look aesthetically beautiful. 

Any retailer’s catalog can be easily plugged in. This product appears to be a boon for retailers where walk-in customers can see their own homes fully furnished with all the furniture and décor items from the catalog. This experience can also be integrated in the website. This startup is on the road to impact millions of people across the world by providing them near free design service for their homes which is 100X more efficient than any other competitors across the world. 

They are selected by Target accelerator and also received a contract of $386000 from them. They are also doing a pilot project with IKEA.

Founder:  Chintan .A. Patel, Dinesh .R. Damodar,  Sunny .M. Patel and Raj .B. Patel 
Website name:  

Every year more than 75,000 of people lose their limbs through some accident. But they also wish to live a normal life and wish to be in a position to support their families. And if such accidents happen to people belonging to poor or middle class, their family is devastated as most of the time, they are the only bread earners. 

Empathy with such unfortunate people pushed four students to develop a startup Technolimb. Technolimb deals into prosthetics and actively contributing to betterment of the lives of handicapped and amputee. TechnoLimb wants to make all the prosthetics and orthotics available to the people at an affordable cost.

 They are developing EMG-EEG controlled prosthetic hand/myoelectric hand. In case, patient’s muscles are demolished and not able to generate the EMG-EEG base signals, it uses the innovative wireless technology to transmit EMG signals of healthy muscle to operate the prosthetic in healthy manner. Technolimb worked with actual patients who are facing such problems and used their responses to develop the prototype. 

They have successfully taken trials of myoelectric hand on more than 15 patients with wireless operational support. This prototype is very advanced, innovative and 60% less expensive than that available in the market. TechnoLimb team participated and nominated with more than 8 innovation awards from top and reputed universities of India including IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Gandhinagar, GTU etc.

Startup: THE STUDIO 72
Founder:  Pushpak Roy, Rajesh Kr. Verma  and Jay Kothari
Website name: 

The Studio 72 is a registered trademark and a DIPP approved start-up founded in 2018 with a vision of redefining the Indian Fashion Designer Apparel market. It’s an e- commerce platform covering 17000 pin codes in Pan India region. The biggest innovation with The Studio 72 is to uplift the modern designing students by giving them range of services from marketing & strategy, logistics, payments, photo shoots, advertisements, fashion shows etc. under one platform. In today’s market there is a huge indifference 

in prices of fashion products and huge disparity in salaries and payments as the market is controlled by reputed designing houses. The Studio 72’s prime motive stands on bringing designers from each and every part of India along with the culture and traditions into one platform and build them individual gallery where customers can buy and interact with the designers through various social media platforms. 

A user in the medium income level and in the age group of 25-34 years are more in India and has been looking forward to affordable designer clothing and this platform will help in this. The Studio 72 is currently focusing on collaborating with different national level designing colleges and institutes like NIFT, INFID, ISDI, JD etc. to bring in the upcoming talents with a fresh perspective of design to the platform and nurture them with the market exposure from the beginning. This is going to revolutionise US$ 6,185 million market of India and is on a upward trend of reaching US$ 17,203 million by 2023.


“Start as small as you can. When I started SkinnyMe Tea, 

Founder:  Pratik Mehta 
Website name:  

The older method of detecting damages in the the bearing was inaccurate and time consuming this issue is industries creates problem during down time. This inefficient methods of damage detection created a new thought in mind of young electronics engineer Pratik Mehta to develop innovative device which can easyly and precisiely detects the damages. With Idea of creating Innovative bearing damage detection machine Startup pratik started Thinking Machines, inc. in year 2018.

 We at Thinking Machines have created a product which can change the approach of maintainance in the industries. Bearing Damage Detection Meter is used to predict the life of bearing and gives result on basis of current secenarios. It work on Shock Pulse Method, which is accurate of determine it’s health with life Prediction capability. We have successfully installed 50+ meters in 5 cities across gujarat and counting. The motive behind this startup is to provide best solution to industires through Analog to Digital Converters and having LCD display for output.

Startup:  TUSEVA
Founder:  Akash Sonakia, Kabir Bansod, Raj Kamal 
Website name:

TUSEVA is a unique solution provider for Automotive Industry, with state of the art, cost effective and accurate data collection process which can be further used in data analytics and future projections for OEM’s and Non-OEM manufacturers.TUSEVA strives to reduce cost of data collection to as low as 1/10 of the industry norms. 

TUSEVA’S sole goal is to provide accuracy of data collected to such an extent that they can reduce product failure rate of their clients happening due to market unacceptance. At the time of complete electrification of the automotive industry, TUSEVA aims to be a helping hand. Their value proposition is that they do not trade money with data, and that makes us very unique and cost effective. TUSEVA was also recognized as Super 30 start-ups by Times Next

Founder:  Nawrath Minda and Parth Chandra Gundaniya 
Website name:   

There is no doubt that a well informed driver is a better driver. But low end bikes are deprived of several features due to which person driving a low end bike does not have enough information. To solve this problem, two enthusiasts, Nawrath Minda and Parth Chandra Gundaniya decided to create Ultro Digi Dashboard. Ultra digi dashboard is an innovative dashboard which will be mounted on low end bike. 

This digi dashbaord will have following main features:

 1. Finger print enabled engine start and stop 

2. Fully graphical user interphase 

3. Navigation screen 

4. Stand alert 

5. Monitor showing engine temperature and sending alert when overheated 

6. Theft detection 

7. Automatic accident/emergency message to the helpline no. 108 

This innovation turns out to be cost effective for the consumer as it cuts down the cost by 50%.

Founder: Jainam Mehta
Website name: 

Looking at today’s fast moving life, one of the major concerns that everyone has is Health. To compete with the rising competition, people have started working harder, spending more time at work, taking tremendous work pressure and being insomniac. This product is a boon to people with such a lifestyle. UrbanNapsmakes sleeping pods that helps boost productivity and improves health at work. UrbanNaps focuses on people’s health and wellness at the workplace. 

People who suffer from chronic diseases due to permanent desk jobs can use this product to take quick 10-15 minutes of power nap that would help improve their mind and health. This product also gives instant relief from Back & Neck Pain and works as a massager for Acupressure for better blood circulation This product comes with three technological innovation: Smart Sleep Assistant to monitor readings from sensors like, Heart Rates & Body Temperature to help decide power nap time for individuals. Intelligent snooze lets you snooze through your wake up phase. 

Each snooze duration becomes shorter, gently bringing you from asleep to completely awake at your desired alarm time. Periodic Oxygen Dispenser comes with sensors like The Pulse and Oxygen in Blood Sensor (SPO2) which will provide a desired amount of Oxygen for good sleep and better health.

Startup:  VARDAN
Founder:  Abhimanyu Rathi and Vardan Rathi 
Website name: 

VARDAN is a low cost multi-stage water purification system powered by dye sensitized solar cells. It is developed by Sustainable Livelihood Initiative India (SLII) Pvt. Ltd. Half of the rural water supply is routinely contaminated with toxic bacteria. India’s rural poor are highly vulnerable to the harmful effects of contaminated water as 2 out of every 3 households still do not treat their drinking water. 

The problem in urban slums is still worse where people are forced to buy water from street vendors. Most of the current technologies available to combat this problem revolve around point-of-use membrane based technologies with reverse osmosis (RO) machines being the best example of it. They are very expensive, unsustainable, waste a lot of water and consume too much power to be effective. 

The solutions that do not consume an excess of power generally require expensive and time-consuming filter maintenance. In order to counter all these problems, with over 8 years of research, SLII has developed a water purification system called ‘Vardan’ that is cheap and user friendly and runs on natural energy. Water is purified within 10 seconds using very smart adsorption based technology.

 . By using a threeway process, the outlet water quality comes well under the notified limits of Indian Standard Specifications for Drinking Water (IS: 10500) making water 100% safe to consume. There is no wastage of water and no external energy is required all of which is achieved at negligible maintenance costs. The shelf life is upto 10 years due to smart use of nanotechnology and with per litre water purifications cost as low as 8 paisa. With this, it will become the cheapest water purifier in the world.

Founder:  Anshul Jain & Riddhi Patel 
Website name: 

What inspired Anshul and Riddhi was the challenges faced by the farmers of our country in terms of their time, effort, labor and most importantly the cost. Over the years, the cost of farming has shot up to which farmers and other agriculturist have been trying to cope with. To introduce a technical mechanism in place of manual labor, which is user friendly was the prime objective of making this product. And, the innovators designed and introduced a series of innovative agriculture advance machine which is resolving the existing issues by cutting down the labor cost and increasing the efficiency by 50%. 

The product is not just sustainable but is also economical. After a thorough research and analysis of farming history and the current situation in India, the innovators identified and worked upon the various segments of farming and soil type of the different demographics and concluded that the requirement of each soil is different. Hence, the product should be customized to fit into such a requirement. Vinspire Agrotech has introduced tools for all such segments like Plantation of seedling, seed sowing, fertilizer dibbler, weed removing, harvesting, etc. They are focusing on catering to specific needs of farming and making it more productive without causing any adverse effect to the land and enabling the farmers do a smart work.

Founder:  Kuldeep  Vora
Website name: 

Now a days India is leapfrogging in the field of Science especially SPACE & ASTRONOMY – ASTROPHYSICS Segment. Space Science and particularly Astronomy in EDUCATION MARKET is catching the eyes of all aspiring youth of the nation. With an aim to promote science & to bring more practical approach instead of theoretical approach in learning aspects in EDUCATION SEGMENT – We – VORION SCIENTIFIC started an initiation to make scientific instruments and accessories in India particularly in the field of Astronomy, SPACE Science and Astrophysics. 

Space – Engineering – Science Instrument Designing – Manufacturing will be a huge market in the next decade or so, as per our leaders of the nation are envisaging. With over 40000+ Science colleges, 800+ Universities, 2500+ Engineering Colleges, and abundant 15 lakh schools, And 100s of private clubs around the nation – a huge education segment, building and nurturing the next future of SMART INDIA.  Still the nation is over dependent through IMPORT for scientific instruments from foreign countries.

Startup:  WE PAINT
Founder:  Jatin Patel & Suraj Patel  
Website name: 

We paint (Writable Erasable Paint) has set an exemplary standards and wonderful example of setting up the vision and finding an opportunity in everything present in the ecosystem. Jatin Patel, the founder brainstormed for more than a year to find an uncustomary combination to create a formula in Paint Nanotechnology. 

This advanced paint can convert any wall or space into whiteboard like surface. It is dry erase paint that can be used on dry wall, wood, MICA, gypsum boards, cement boards, blackboard, glass, metal, etc. This paint is easy to install and use, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and chemical resistant. It provides boundless writable surface to write, play, brainstorm and discuss and present ideas irrespective of the type of surface. It is widely been brought in use by corporates, educational institutions and even at home.

 Many parents have installed this paint to allow their kids to draw, play and scribble freely. WE Paint offers a wide range of dry-erase surface and write on walls solutions. It has also introduced DIY kit with all the accessories to leverage the product to the mass and is currently supplying it globally. The team is leaving no stones unturned to create a global market space for itself.

Founder:  Purvesh  Simejiya 
Website name:
Startup:  YOTTOL
Founder:  Saptrashi  Das 
Website name: 

Yottol (Yotta Byte + Black Hole) is trying to bring in innovation (with incremental change), transparency, cost efficiency and advanced technology in financial products distribution in India and potentially globally later on. Alternatively, in a simple sentence, “Yottol is trying to build the Amazon of financial services in India first, i.e. focus on almost 0% errors and solving remnant issues with ownership.” Yottol was founded in 25th of July, 2015 and was incorporated as a Private Limited company in 29th of August, 2017. 

We are a customer first Captech | Insurtech | Investech company in its truest sense. Yottol continues to believe that Financial Services will still be a relationship driven industry, in contradiction to prevailing beliefs. What will change is the value proposition that an advisor brings to the table for a client and Yottol wants to create just that.

 We believe that technology will just be an enabler for more efficient and appropriate financial service product distribution. While there are many new players in this industry with disruptive ideas, they have been unable to break the traditional model. Our analysis results in a conclusion that incremental change on the traditional model will be more successful as a strategy and a business model.