Block 3, GIC , L.D Engg. Campus, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.

Mentoring startup with Mr. Sharad Sagar

Startup Talk

GTU Innovation Council Is Organizing Startup Interaction and Mentoring session with Mr. Sharad Sagar.

Keynote speaker: Mr. Sharad Sagar

CEO: Dexterity Global

Mr. Sagar the Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global, is an Indian youth icon, a globally renowned entrepreneur and a 21st century leader whose words and work in the field of education and public service are inspiring a generation. President Barack Obama invited him to the White House, Forbes listed him on the global Forbes 30 under 30 List, the Rockefeller Foundation inducted him in the list of 100 Next Century Innovators, the Nobel Peace Center invited him to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and India’s leading media house Divya Bhaskar called him “the Vivekananda of 21st Century”.

Date: 27 March 2019

Time : 2:30 pm
Venue: GTU Innovation Council Ahmedabad 

Key Points for the session :

1. Global Startup ecosystem 
2. Leadership matters
3. Making world accessible & youth driven
4. Capturing opportunities