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1. Patenting in Engineering, Patenting in Pharmaceuticals and Patent Search Methodology:
These are the basic workshops which GIC had organised since from beginning to make faculty and students from various branches of technical education to make them familiar with the kind of IPR, basics of patent and introduction to patent search techniques.
2. Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR)
This is the kind of activity launched by GTU in September 2013, with an objective to increase awareness regarding patents among students by making them familiarity with patent websites & patent documents. In this activity each student of B.E. 7th Semester is required to study at least 5 patents related to his/her project and have to prepare Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR) via specially developed web portal by GTU. Via this PSAR activity, in a period of five academic years more than 9.30 lakh patents have been studied by more than 1.89 lakh students from various online sources, which has played a significant role for IP awareness among students and faculty.
3. Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE)
In this activity all students of final year BE, were asked to draft a provisional patent documents for their project just by assuming that their project is Innovative & Patentable. All students were taught about provisional patent filing procedure, steps & fees and about required details for various patent filing forms (1, 2 & 3). This activity was also carried out via specially developed web portal by GTU.
Due to PSAR and PDE activity the literacy for IPR/Patents among all students and faculty was raised to a very significant level.
4. Patent Clinic
It’s a unique initiative started by GIC to provide all possible assistance to students and faculty members from any branch of science or technology, to file patent for his/her innovative work or project. Patent Clinic is a two days’ workshop in which GIC organises seminars and workshops on Basics of IPR/Patents, Patent Prior Art Search Techniques and its importance, Patenting System in India and Hands on exercises to draft patents.

The whole value chain of patent search for novelty checking of any project is carried out using free and paid patent databases. The access to paid databases for students and faculty is provided by GTU. Patent drafting is covered during a span of two days along with practical sessions. The whole program is absolutely free for students and faculty members of GTU. Till today thirty three such sessions of patent clinic were organised, and provided support for filing for more than 100 patents.

5. PatenTrack
To promote innovative culture among students in a fun learning way, GIC had started series of PatenTrack competition with an objective to make the patent search fun learning process among students, to spread the awareness about importance of patents, to make students aware about patent holdings of various giant innovative companies, to develop a positive attitude of students for the patent search, to inspire students for doing innovative projects and to develop a competitive mind-set with presentation skills.
PatenTrack is a two days competition, where in patent search by students will be carried out for the assigned portfolio of innovative companies or the assigned technologies. Later on the group discussion among participants on current IPR topics & presentation of analysed patents by each group for the studied patents were made.
6. Post Graduate Diploma in IPR
Further, to increase the skilled human resource that are not only technically sound but also having in-depth knowledge of IPR and patents, GTU had launched a one year, off-campus programme on “Post Graduate Diploma in IPR” from September 2014. As of 2018 third batch of same course is going on.
7. IP Valuation and Management (IPVM) courses
Further, to increase the skilled human resource that are not only technically sound but also having in-depth knowledge of IP Valuation and Management, First batch completed their course in 2016, which received a huge response from participants. And second batch of “IP Valuation and Management” was started in 2017-2018.
8. Project Monitoring and Mentoring System (PMMS)
GTU has developed an innovative platform, where in real time status of each student project is monitored & observed by students, internal guides, HOD, principal as well as by university. Students can update about their progress in project & guide can comment on their status, progress & problems.
The objective of PMMS portal is to develop a system for helping students to get appropriate help & mentoring online and to help them work more systematically on their project. This is been used for all projects being carried out by the students in all BE colleges/institutes, affiliated with GTU.
Students will be able to update their progress in the project and on which the guide & external mentor (if any), can comment on status, progress and problems. This will increase collaboration & co-creation while improving novelty of their work.
PMMS is platform which covers multiple activities being carried during final year of B.E. It covers activities such as student registration, team formation, Periodic Progress Report (PPR), Patent Search & Analysis Report (PSAR) generation activity, Design Engineering-Canvas activity, Business Model Canvas (BMC) & its report upload, Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE), Final project report upload, Uploading the plagiarism search report, Completion Certificate generation.

Via PMMS activities, GTU managed & collected data for nearly 60,000 final year BE projects & associated PMMS activities data, carried out during period of four academic years 2014-15 to 2017-18.


GTU IPR Cell was constituted under the aegies of GTU Innovation Council (GIC) since 3rd September 2011. Since then it is one of the most dynamic cell of GTU and conducting various FDP and student facilitation programme. The objective of this cell is to make GTU family students and faculty aware about IPR and to hasten innovation at GTU and catalyse move from Research to Revenue.

Functions of GTU IPR Cell:

To conduct awareness seminar/workshop and training program on “Patents and IPR” for faculty and students of GTU on regular basis round the year.
To provide technical assistance to faculty and or students to carry out “Patent Search” of their requested field.
To provide techno-legal assistance to faculty and or students to draft their patents and also filing of the patents.
To provide assistance for “Technology Transfer” to faculty and or students, who have patents in their name and would like to commercialize it.
To establish liaison with state level and central level patent assistance cell to provide different services at minimal charges.
To establish liaison with Government and private Venture capital organization for effective sale out of patented invention.
To establish liaison with Institute of IPR having International standard to provide “Continuous Education Program (CEP)” for all stake holders of the GTU.
To establish liaison with WIPO, IPO and other Gov. Patent Offices for spreading awareness about key changes happening at various level to stakeholders.

Services to be offered by GTU IPR:

Patent Awareness
Patent Search
Patent Drafting
Patent Filing
Technology Transfer
To know more About GTU Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell. Click on Download.

University Level SSIP – IPR Committee

A. VC/Director/Head of University as Chairperson

1. VC/Director/Head of University as Chairperson1. Hon VC Prof. (Dr.) Navin Sheth

B. Industry Representatives and Subject Experts:

2. Mr. Padmin Buch – Honorary Director, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Project Management & IPR domain expert

3. Dr. Manish Rachchh – Director (R&D) & CEO Accuprec Research Labs Pvt. Ltd

4. Mr. Anil Pandey – Deputy Director & Head – IPFC – Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)

5. Mr. Alpesh Pathak – Global IP Head, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd.

6. Mr. HarpreetSingh Banker – Fonder & Head Satguru IP Services, Patent Agent & Attorney

7. Mr. Vinay Pandya – Patent Agent & Attorney

8. Mr. Kirtikumar Patel – Founder and Managing Director at IPCalculus

C. University SSIP Coordinator – Member Secretary

9. Registrar, GTU – Prof. (Dr.) S. D. Panchal 9. Registrar, GTU – Prof. (Dr.) S. D. Panchal

10. Honorary Director, GTU Innovation Council – MR. Hiranmay Mahanta

11. University IPR Cell Coordinator – Mr. Amitkumar Patel

University may also invite other experts as and when needed.

IPR Data

Sr.NO Type of new IPR initiative started by GTU Month-Year of Starting Total Events till August 2016 GTU No. of faculty/ students trained
1. Basics of IPR, Patenting in Pharmaceuticals & Patenting in Engineering
Patent Search Methodology (PSM)
September 2011 13 1975
2. Patent Search Methodology (PSM) July 2012 12 1915
3. Patent Clinic (PC) July 2013 33 3136
4. Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR) September 2013 07 646
5. Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE) February 2014 08 750
  PatenTrack April 2014 03 150
7. PCT Patent Journal Analysis Activity July 2014 02 80
8. Post Graduate Diploma in IPR (PGDIPR) (One Year Off Campus Course) September 2014& September 2015 02 50
9. Patent Search & Technology Landscaping (PSTL) June 2015 02 130
10. Industrial Design Protection & Registration (IDPR) July 2015 01 60
11. Certificate course of IP Valuation & Management (IPMV) Feb 2016 01 27
12. Various other IPR activities at GIC Ahmedabad & Regional Centres 10 700
Total 94 8610


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