Block 3, GIC , L.D Engg. Campus, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.

GIC Startup Mart 🌠🌠🌠 ( Only For Exposure)- Ahmedabad

Startup Name: MOD Innovation LLP

Product Name: Universal Automatic Spraying Machine
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • It will Give 10 times Higher Productivity than Manual Method
  • It will Reduce material wastage by 70%
  • Healthy Process for Human
  • Easy to Excess for Non Skill Worker
Product Price: Rs. 450000/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 400000/-

Startup Name:

Product Name: Video Resume & Job auditions
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • A.I. Led Video Hiring Platform, Which allows Candidates to have a VIDEO Profile Seeking For Employment.
Product Price: Rs. 999/-
Discount: 50%
Offer Price: Rs. 499/-

Startup Name: Bricky

Product Name: multi vendor E-commerce website for construction equipment
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Ecosystem for construction equipment and fair priced.

Startup Name: Exposit Immersive Solution Pvt LTd

Website name:



Product Feature: 

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Animation and Virtual Tour creation.
Product Price: Rs. 50000/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 45000/-

Startup Name: TUSEVA

Product Name: Automobile Purchase consultation 
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Choose perfect car for yourself,
  • Save Up to 4,00,000 Rs on your car purchase,
  • Get Life time assistance
  • Get best resale assistance
Product Price: Rs. 1100/-
Discount: 29%
Offer Price: Rs. 780/-

Startup Name: Thermaissance 

Product Name: Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Reusable Face Mask
Website name:


Product Feature: 

  • Kills up to 99.99 Corona Viruses in less than 1 Hour, Anti-Viral and kills viruses, breathable and provides comfort to wearer, Upto 100 normally washed / machine washed, Use Promo code: GTU30
Product Price: Rs. 600/-
Discount: 30%
Offer Price: Rs. 420/-

Startup Name: Shrey Inc

Product Name: CORO-Kill Super Quick Surface Sanitizer
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • CORO-Kill is a Certified Product. Kills all Viruses and all bacteria in 5 seconds. % Kill Ratio is 99.99 %. Sanitization cost per Sq. Ft. is LESS THAN 1.0 Paise.
Product Price: Rs. 9440/-
Discount: 12.5%
Offer Price: Rs. 8260/-

Startup Name: San Burn

Product Name: Fully Automatic Multipurpose Destroyer Machine
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Discard Mask, Hand gloves, tissue papers, sanitary napkin and other waste
Product Price: Rs. 38000/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 34200/-

Startup Name: Reolo Holographics PVT LTD

Product Name: Hologram technology
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • It can brand your product holographically.
  • You can be anywhere holographically being at home.
Product Price: Rs. 18000/-
Discount: 20%
Offer Price: Rs. 15000/-

Startup Name: Uppskale

Product Name: Challenge based hiring
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Quality talent hiring in 7 days
  • Validated skilled young professionals
  • Own Applicant tracking platform for the company
  • AI – assisted challenge and job description generation
Product Price: Rs. 10000/-
Discount: 30%
Offer Price: Rs. 7000/-


Product Name: Customized IT Services/ Managed Security Solutions
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Cyber Legal Services & Cyber Insurance
  • Customized IT Services & Solutions
  • Security Compliance Audits
  • Secure Website/Application Development
  • Risk Assessment and Threat Modelling
  • Managed Security Services (We Manage the Security, You Run the Business)
  • Security Operations Center
Product Price: Rs. 10000/-
Discount: 40%
Offer Price: Rs. 6000/-

Startup Name: Erkey motors India Pvt. Ltd

Product Name: Two wheeler conversion kit
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • This kit can be fitted in any two wheeler with the following specification
    1) 70kmph Top Speed.
    2) 80Km per charge Mileage.
    3) Can be fully charged in 2hr using 5amps charging socket in our home.
    4) 250kg loading capacity.
    5)10Nm of instant torque at initial RPM.
    6) Customization is also available to improve performance.
Product Price: Rs. 30000/-