Block 3, GIC , L.D Engg. Campus, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.

Apply Under TBI

GTU-Technology Business Incubator (TBI)

Efforts of creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, university enables the way for setting up an incubation centre named GTU Innovation and Startup Centre (GISC), a section 8 (not-for-profit) company. GTU Innovation and Startup Centre provide support to Innovators for various grants and networking with mentors, Strategies for market Traction, and other allied support to scale up the Startups.

GISC TBI can extend support of …………..

  • Development of Innovative Business Idea into a Proof-of-Concept
  • Development of Business Idea into working Prototype
  • Development of Minimum Viable Business Model of Innovation
  • Idea Validation, Product Design and Development support
  • Research and Development support, Fab Lab support, 
  • Market Access and Networking
  • Seed Funding for PoC/Prototype, Patent Filing