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Startup Stories

Startup: Carenpair

Founder: Hiren Seth

Website name:

Started in 2018, this startup brings an end to end solution of an Online Mobile Repair & allied services which aims to save consumers’ time and money.

The startup started the service that enables the customer to get their smartphones repaired by giving them pickup and drop facility. Then after it, they focus on the problems raised by the customer and then try to resolve or repair it with their utmost dedication and excellence. Also, they are serving services for various smartphone brands which allows them to serve different users in the market.

Their main motive is to provide fast and quality repair at a very affordable rate and this startup is trying to serve customers with the best solutions and best service repair in the city and working with utmost hard work to serve the customers to enrich their repair experience.

Startup:  Budding

Founder: Bhavesh Dave


An AI- Lead video hiring platform for students to help them to get placed in good companies. They usually provide two services in the form of a video resume and job audition. In video resume, they do the branding of the students digitally to get them placed in good companies and the process goes on virtually

Also in job audition, they analyze the profile of the students by allocating some task and from the output, they do the analysis of the student and help them accordingly. 

Also, those students who are not suitable for the job profile, the team provides the steps and solution to them to work on their profile accordingly. Also, the startup has already tied-up with 450+ institutions across India to help students and get them placed in good companies.

Startup name:- Solar Hybrid vehicle


Founder:- Abhishek shah


The startup comes with an intermediate solution for the middle-class people who are not able to sustain the rising price of fuel and also unable to buy electric vehicles due to its high cost.

The Startup has worked on using solar energy for the AC compressor in the vehicle instead of converting the whole vehicle into solar-based. Due to the use of solar panels on the roof of the vehicle, The load on the engine decreases, which lead to an increase in life span and performance of the engine. This innovation leads to 18℅ decreases in the fuel economy and CO2 emission of the vehicle. They have been validated by the various senior management authorities of companies like TATA and Mahindra.


The main intent of the startup is to provide a cost-effective solution for the middle-class people. They are been working to get the best and efficient vehicle level prototype to this innovation which would provide customer best results.

Startup name:- Umyra group

Founder:- Pranshu Maheshwari

The startup brings a web-based solution for all the women who are wasting time and effort for getting their clothes as per requirements.

The Startup gives the customer an option to compare the price of boutiques and they can provide measurements of their clothes as per their convenient time and place. Further, it provides doorstep delivery to the customer along with the best quality service. The startup ties with the small vendors and boutiques for the best quality clothes and better service. They already have served 1000+ customers in 1 year and got a satisfactory response from them.


Concluding all of the above, the startup is giving a great effort to provide it’s the customer a better quality and time-saving services. Along with all of these, they also aim to promote digital payment methods. They provide an opportunity to small scale tailor and boutiques to grow and give better quality products to their customers.

Startup name:- Assistive cane-The helping hand

Founder:- Meet Patel


The startup brings an amazing product for visually-impaired people which may help them to keep safety as their priority.

The startup has used the various innovative and latest technology to make a stick which is very lightweight and foldable. The stick contains ultrasonic sensors which are used for object detection nearly. In case of an accident, if the stick falls then the message will be forwarded to the guardian of the user along with its geographical location. Apart from all these features, the product provides voice assistants which can be used in many ways such as voice-based automation and home automation.


The main aim of the startup is to provide blind people with an innovative tool which can be helpful to them. They are working to provide a solution to the user using the latest technology so they may remain independent as well as comfortable.

Startup:  PropertyKafe

Founder: Saumil Gandhi

Website name:

This startup came with a concept of unique affordable property solution and provides the customer with a wide range of properties within your city which allows the customer to compare and choose accordingly to their requirements.

The startup provides the customer with a wide range of affordable properties within your city which allows customers to compare and filter to their requirements and choose the best property accordingly. Also, the customer can contact the contractors working within the city and provides a platform for builders, contractors and working professionals. The startup provides some unique features by which a customer can compare the properties on a micro level based on various criteria.

 Also, by this, it will help the buyers and professionals in one or the other way and gives a common user-friendly platform for all the people engaged in this construction profession by providing them with the best services and direct interface.

Start-up: General dynamics

Founder: Brijesh Ladani & Aniket Lachchani

Brijesh and Aniket have developed an evolutionary laser machine which will reduce the current cost for transforming a paperback design into a final product.

Inspiring with the current high variable cost requires manufacturing a product. They decided to develop a machine which will terminate the efforts as well as high cost requires doing 4 different operations at different machines.

Now, with of help their innovation, marking, engraving, cutting and welding can be easily performed by using a single laser machine with less and reliable cost. The best part of the innovation is those laser machines having low initial cost compared to the other conventional machines are available in the market. It will help to small manufacturing unit to gain as much as profit. Customer will get high-quality service at cheap rates.

Start-up- Air heater

Founder:- Vaidiksinh Rathod


Once Albert Einstein said “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Team four horsemen proved it by their imagination to make a hybrid of fan and heater.

Now, with the help of their creative
idea and use of engineering fundamental, they made it possible to use a simple ceiling fan in winter as a heater. They have noticed that a fully functional machine ceiling fan is left unutilized. It inspired them to convert a normal ceiling fan into a fan heater.


Normal ceiling fan generally comes with a motor and three fans. Air heater has some good advancement. It is the integration of full assemble fan with thermostat, heat coils, insulation, slipring. They have implemented two different functions to ensure human comfort.
During summer fan will rotate anticlockwise forcing the room air down, give a chill effect but in winter it will rotate in clockwise in low speed due to this air will draw up and force the warm air out toward the wall for avoiding chill wind effect.

Start-up: Automatic chair arrangement system

Founder: Gitesh Undaviya


Small problems inspire great future Innovator. Gitesh observed that unstack chair manually is a time-consuming process. Need more manpower other than that there is a chance of mishandling or damage. Stack of these small problems inspired him to design an automatic unstack system.

It is work on the simpler principle of the rack and pinion. The bunch of chairs work as rack and operated by specially design pinion. Disengagement of this bunch is done with the help of wedge disk mechanism which is interconnected with the pinion shaft. Both the mechanisms are interconnected with each other; it is powered by the Dc motor. This machine can arrange 50 units of the chair at one time on the desired place.


Gitesh and his team members are thinking to make more modification in this machine. It is monopoly innovation in the market. It will create a huge difference, its creative solution to this problem.

Founder: Hemal Patel

Start-up: Atoc India


A hiring process takes approximately 39 days, budget for recruiting the candidates are very high, After all, that frills sometimes recruiter does not get the proper skill set accordance to job. Passion to find a solution to the hiring process easier inspired him to found Atoc India with the tagline “Extracting the right fit”.

Hemal and his team member Narendra Use a creative logic in which recruiter just need to enter the skills required for any particular job correspondence to this interpersonal skill must be in a candidate, like if a job having main skill Decision making correspondence to this the interpersonal skills in a candidate will be leadership. With the reference of skill set and another requirement for the job, it will filter out the right fit for any particular job.


aToc India making sure to complete the hiring process within 5 days with less subscription cost than other competitors in the market. It will improve the quality of hire, reduce cost per hire and take less time in hiring, unbiased decision.

Startup name:- Security funnel

Founder:- Viral Parmar


In the world full of frauds and scams, Security funnel comes with a web. The based solution to fight with cybercrime and inappropriate content which is helpful for users to get verified content on the internet. This startup is mainly building of four stages:- 1.Report cybercrime2.Report inappropriate content 3.Report hoax/myths 4.Authenticate.

It enables the user to report any kind of fraud or scam along with its details as well as it also provides the user with a facility to check various registered reports which are previously recorded. It collaborates with various government bodies, financial institutions, social media and many other institutions to provide the best solution to user’s problem. It uses the most effective and efficient technology like AI to provide a fast and accurate solution with possible less amount of time.


The main purpose of the startup is to provide a user, the best internet surfing experience without any kind of fear of fraud or inappropriate/false content. It is trying to provide the user best and time-efficient solution with just a one-click away from them.

Startup: Tuseva

Founder: Mr Akash Sonakia

Tuseva offers next-generation automobile solutions in an innovative way. Consumers are often tricked into paying more for vehicle servicing and to prevent that Tuseva team brings a cost-effective and fast solution. 

Teva is cofounded by three visionary entrepreneurs: Mr Kabir Bansod, a former student of IIM Ahmedabad, Mr Akash Sonakia who is an automobile expert and Mr Raj Kamal, a tech expert.

This startup aims to solve entry barriers for companies entering into Aftermarket Service, Repair, parts and equipment Industry. They have proposed an in-expensive, accurate real-time Data collection solution by interconnecting vehicle service stations to spare part dealers and customers to get insights of market requirement. They facilitate the connection between car buyers and car dealers so the customers can get the best possible price. These connections take place on existing channels like WhatsApp, tele-calling, SMS, etc. In future, they aim for AI-based development of their system by understanding the customer mindset and requirements throughout the process.


The incredibly talented team brings the most accurate data research and analysis solution to make our life easier. With such vision aim to launch it in India and every other developing nation.

Startup: Brain It On

Founder: Shubham Jain

Brain It On is a Mobile based educational platform with curated content aligned to the academics. They work to empower rural teachers for better education delivery.

The team identified the key reasons why teachers want to move to urban cities for teaching. Limited resources, fewer facilities, remoteness is damaging the rural education foundation. BrainItOn is a mobile-based educational platform which is engaging and interactive and can be completely controlled by the educator. It saves time and efforts. The platform is easily available & affordable. They aim to elevate the quality of education in non-urban and rural areas and empower school and teachers with easy to use of adaptable technologies. They have reached out to 25+ schools including 8000+ students. Now there’s no looking back.


BrainItOn is all set to benefit Mid-level schools in tier2 cities and passionate Teachers at any level. They are putting constant efforts to bridge the urban-rural gap in education and to motivate students to self-learning through interactive content.

Startup: Wrighting

Founder: Khushi Shah 

Wrighting is a unified platform that provides A-Z writing solutions. They help individuals as well as digital companies to upgrade the quality of content. The team aims to reduce the opportunities people miss out due to a lack of writing skills.

Wrighting team provides services like content writing, copywriting, proofreading and creative writing. They help students to create their resume, companies to write their mission statement, taglines, proofreading of documents, etc. Furthermore, they happily welcome writers who want experience in writing to boost their career. They also host webinars to create writing awareness. The customer has to open their website, log in with their credentials and generate approximate price as per selected service. After giving necessary details and confirmation of order the customer will receive an email of the content they demanded. Wrighting ensures to write customized content for each customer until they are satisfied.


Wrighting army, with their multiple layer content customization, avails services without any tedious form-filling at reasonable prices with utmost dedication to producing the best possible content for consumers.

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