Out for a ride:

SURIL DOS7HI, JABAL RAVAL, JAY BETAI FINAL YEAR PROJECT : Solar Electric Bicycle COURSE : Mechanical Engineering COLLEGE: SAL Institute of technology and engineering research.

City students go creative with bicy cle to save the environment by implementing solar energy technology. Three students from SAL institute of technology and engineering research college turned a regular bicycle into a Solar Electric Bicycle. “We have put a hub motor inside the tyre which is connected with the controller. A battery is placed on the carriage behind the seat which gets charged through solar panel.A throttle is placed on the right handle,“ said Suril Doshi. Their main motive was to curb pollution. “We often tend to use our two wheelers to cover small distances. This bike could replace petrol-run two wheelers,” added Doshi.

Courtesy : Ahmedabad Mirror

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