GTU Innovation Council (GIC) is an organization run by Gujarat Technological University (GTU) that aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial & innovation spirit of the young students from all corners of Gujarat. Keeping in mind this motto the GIC is reaching out to all the colleges across Gujarat affiliated to GTU to promote entrepreneurial & innovation outlook among students by engaging them with different activities of the GIC.
Our Institute Ambassador Program aims at achieving the above mentioned goals. A student would be selected as an Institute Ambassador (IA) from every department of college based on his/her aptitude for innovation and entrepreneurship, who will then get to work on GIC activities. The selected Institute Ambassador, in his/her entire tenure, would represent GIC in their college and would be equipped with tools that would be aimed to bring about his/her personal development as well as advancement of the entrepreneurial eco-system in his/her campus.

Why to join ?

  1. Get a chance to build a strong network with other fellow Institute Ambassadors from all over Gujarat.
  2. Be updated on the recent trends of Entrepreneurship & Innovation world, leading edge technologies from GIC implemented in Start-ups via regular     updates.
  3. Get to know about the upcoming student Start-ups and the challenges they faced as they share their experience with GIC.
  4. Take a leaf out from the lives of some of the famous entrepreneurs of today’s world when they narrate their journey to GIC.
  5. Get a chance to participate and publicise entrepreneurship related activities on your college Campus.
  6. Garner more visibility of your campus Start-Ups in front of audience from across Gujarat on our Social Media channels.
  7. Improve your creative skills to design your own entrepreneurship based events in your college in collaboration with GIC.
  8. An opportunity to build your communication skills as you get to interact with other College Representatives and your college students to publicise     entrepreneurship in your campus.


  1. A Certificate of Appreciation.
  2. A special invitation to attend our Events, seminars, workshops, boot camps at GIC.
  3. Value addition in the form of exclusive resources provided to Institute Ambassadors only.
  4. Support to conduct sessions based on Entrepreneurship at your own campus.
  5. Get Privileged access to all Events at S4-C3.
  6. Recognition in the form of name integration of all the Student Ambassadors on the GIC website & through social media.


  1. Best working ambassador will receive special appreciation by posting their name on various social media and the official website of GIC.
  2. Depending on the work done by the Institute Ambassador and the innovative & entrepreneurial scene, he will be selected as the ‘Best Institute     Ambassador’ and a precious and unforgettable appreciation from GIC.


  1. Spread the word about GIC activities and workshops to their college mates regularly as per the guidelines provided by GIC.
  2. Sharing the events graphic provided by GIC posted by GIC on various social media.
  3. Co-ordinate with GIC fellows in organising workshops in their college.
  4. Ensure student registration from their colleges in various events carried out by GIC.
  5. Became a good mediator between GIC and your campus.
  6. To help in sensitizing GIC Activities at your campus.
  7. To create an opportunity for the Student Start-ups of their campus to be featured on our Social Media channels in front of an audience from all over     India.
  8. Putting up posters of our events on student notice boards within 4 days of receiving the poster.


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