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Startup Name: Chemfrix Technology

Product Name:  BOOSTUP
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Decrease Exhaust emission up to 40%
  • Increase Bike Mileage from 15% to 45%
  • Best suitable for Motorbike upto 150cc engine capacity
  • Save fuel, money and environment
  • Make engine carbon free and increse pickup
Product Price: Rs. 1000/-
Discount: 33%
Offer Price: Rs. 1500/-

Startup Name: Green tech

Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • more storage capacity
  • advertisement panel
  • Solar base dustbin
  •  run on renewable energy ( solar)
Product Price: Rs. 20000/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 18000/-

Startup Name: ARC

Product Name:  ARC

Product Feature: 

  •  Key is provided for the completion of the Reliable Operation.
  • Cord is provided for easier indication of the angel on the Protector.
  •  Available in Multi color (i.e. White, Black, Red, Blue, Green , Yellow)
  •  ARC can be used to reduce Time of Engineering Drawings.
Product Price: Rs. 125/-
Discount: 8%
Offer Price: Rs. 115/-