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Startup Name: Xenhester Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Product Name:  Drone’s BLDC Motor XH4010S
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Product Feature: 

  • Turbo Cooling 
  • High Heat Dissipation 
  • Long Lasting Magnetization 
  • Dustproof*
Product Price: Rs. 6100/-
Discount: 5%
Offer Price: Rs. 5795/-

Startup Name: Annual Maintenance Contract

Product Name: Annual Maintenance Contract  
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Product Feature: 

  • An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is a buyer benefit programme an agreement for repair and maintenance of property used by you, Typically, AMCs include service support; however, you can add a comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) that will cover maintenance support and replacement as well.

    Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract:
    1) AMC helps you avoid high repair costs and helps you from unexpected damages of your property.
    2) AMC services include regular check-ups of infrastructure, and provides Services if needed.
    3) Higher saving on the Materials Cost. (10-30%) and Reduce Application Cost (10-15%).
    4) Free application in case of any issue.

Product Price: Rs. 590/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 531/-


Product Name:  Rakshak App
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Product Feature: 

  •  Location, Battery Level, Call History, CGI Detail in message
  •  Send Unlimited SOS alerts
  •  Press Power button 4 times continuously
  • Emergency panic alert to near dear within seconds
Product Price: Rs. 199/-
Discount: 66%
Offer Price: Rs. 299/-