Block 3, GIC , L.D Engg. Campus, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.


Startup Name: Xenhester Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Product Name:  Drone’s BLDC Motor XH4010S
Website name:

Product Feature: 

  • Turbo Cooling | High Heat Dissipation | Long Lasting Magnetization | Dustproof*
Product Price: Rs. 6100/-
Discount: 5%
Offer Price: Rs. 5795/-

Startup Name: Unickbharat lifestyle pvt ltd

Product Name: KOOKY water less shampoo


Product Feature: 

  • Shampoo your hair without using water, get instantly smooth, shiny, clean, conditioning hair anytime anywhere; handy product your outing partner; pocket friendly
Product Price: Rs. 250/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 225/-


Product Name: JUG HOLDER
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Product Feature: 

  • The basic advantage of the Jug Holder is, it saves the pure drinking water to be plunk to ground or In drainage and it, also maintain the cleanness at camper’s place.
  • We can say it also that as it looks very eye-catching so it looks ornamental piece to keep in offices, shops, workshops and many more places with an enormous function.
  • Moreover, another benefit is tiny but very essential that one can place the glass of water in the balcony below the water faucet, and then open that faucet to tip the water in the water glass.
  • So, one can be take the water from the camper jug by using only one hand.
Product Price: Rs. 299/-
Discount: 0%
Offer Price: Rs. 299/-

Startup Name: Velesolv

Product Name: Bacterial culture : Bioculture for COD / BOD and ammonia reduction
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Product Feature: 

  • Reduces sludge generation accumulation
  • Effectively reduces COD/BOD in ETP
  • Natural and eco-friendly way to treat effluent
  • Best suited for removal of bad odor and color
  • Reduces power and chemicals costs involved in effluent treatment.
 Cell count : more than 10^9
Product Price: Rs. 650/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 585/-

Startup Name: Gauprasad/ P.P. Enterprise

Product Name:  Dhupbatti


Product Feature: 

  • Set of 60 pieces
  • 100 % natural made of desi gay gobar
  • ash of dhupbatti can be used as fertilizer
  • face scrubber and as water filter too
Product Price: Rs. 110/-
Discount: 10%
Offer Price: Rs. 100/-