At Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 2018, GTU incubated and supported startups were selected in top 16 Startups under the Scale up category where they won the award of Prize money of Rs. 12 Lakh each. 

GTU Incubated Awarded Startups

1. Mod Innovation LLP : Kaustubh Mod

MOD INNOVATION LLP have develop a machine which can do all major operations of Civil-Constructions line which are doing manually, like Cement Plaster, Waterproofing, Wall Putty, Gypsum Plaster, Fireproofing, Paint etc. This machine can give 10 times higher out puts with quality than existing manual. This is very unique innovative solution for modern construction and Infrastructure Industries, which will change the scenario.

2. Vinspire Agrotech India Pvt Ltd : Manan Patel, Anjil Jain and Vishal Shrimali

VINSPIRE AGROTECH (I) PRIVATE LIMITED is fully engaged in development of Manual range of Agriculture Advance tools. They have developed different innovative farming equipment which will replace conventional farming and back-breaking methods. With the help of their device farmers will increase its productivity and save time and money.

3. All That Dips : Dhaval Patel and Deep Lodhari

All products at AllThatDips are made with respect towards the ingredients and you. AllThatDips make sure we use finest of ingredients to churn out most delicious products that are artisanal, free from harmful chemicals and always fresh.
AllThatDips fоundеd оn the bеlief and ideal of think global and act local. AllThatDips have created a variety of dips and sauces that are international in appeal and local on palate. AllThatDips creates Salsa, Hummus and other signature dips in classic and bold flavours. AllThatDips’s Salsa & Hummus are perfect for spreading on anything, dipping into everything or adding to whatever is on the menu

Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit Award 2018