Fueling Investment 1.0

GTU Innovation council is one of the elite organisation in cultivating multilayer Innovation and act as a pillar for lifting startup enthusiast.
What early stage start-ups needs for continuous growth and expansion?

One of the important Factor for early stage startups is Investment. Raising funds is one of the aspects in journey of entrepreneurs to provide sufficient fuel for continues growth of a startup.
GTU Innovation Council is Conducting session on Valution and Fundraising for early stage startups. The session will be delivered by startup founders who have raised Investments for their stratups.

Speaker: Rohit Chopra (Zifcare, IIT K, IIM ) & Siddharth Rajde ( KrishiBox, IIT Delhi)

Join us to get insights of Investment Fueiling for startups.

Registration Link : bit.ly/GIC-amd

Date : 17 July 2018
Time : 5.00 pm
Venue : GTU Innovation Council, Block 6, LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad

Investment Fueling for early stage Startups
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